BIM for Operation & Facility Management

BIM model contains information and data about all the spaces and elements that form the different building service installations, facilitating efficient management, control and maintenance. The updated "as built" BIM model is a valuable resource for real estate owners and facility managers, providing an efficient tool to control operation and maintenance tasks and all the relevant information about building service components, like model names, serial numbers, warranties, tech sheets, operation and maintenance manuals and schedules, servicing logs, etc.


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NDC is a leading provider of Virtual Design & Construction (VDC), Building Information Modelling (BIM) and AECO Solutions.

We leverage on in-depth technology, knowledge and a clear understaning of business requirements to deliver significant value. We have a network of project management, architecture and engineering professional focussed on developing tailored business solutions for broad range of global clients.



We are at the forefront of digital design, offering the most advanced expertise in Building Information Modelling and Engineering Analysis

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NDC facilitates enhanced production capability for large projects. Our collaborative approach supports teams 24/7 across different geographies.

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